This is a story from Insider Business, about a technique used to double your IQ. It looks pretty clickbaity and hyped.


Text of headline reads “Do You Wish You Were Smarter? Bill Gates’s Discovery Is Proven To Double Your IQ And Will Be Banned From The Public”.

Let’s do our due diligence and find out who is behind this site.

Task one: The title bar says this is “Business Insider”. The URL location bar says the URL is “”. Find out if this is a URL associated with Business Insider.

Task two: Find out when the site was registered. Is it recent, or is it an established site?

Task three: Use a Google site search to pull up all stories from the site. How many results come up? What are their titles? Does this seem like a major site?

If you had to choose just one of these techniques to find out if the site was likely a “real” news site, which one would you choose? Why?