The Philippines has a very real drug violence problem, and a very real misinformation problem. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one problem begins and one ends.

Here is the picture and text of a post widely shared on Facebook in the Philippines.

The text of the post reads:

Peter Tiu Lavine
August 27 at 5:02am

Truly revolting – Nine year-old raped and murdered and we haven’t heard condemning this brutal act from human rightists, bishops and “presstitutes” who are derailing the government’s war against drugs and crime. Among others, they are more concerned with the human rights of criminals and worried about our country’s so-called “image” abroad. They clearly exhibit elitist mindsets in trying to keep up with the Joneses to be good in appearances but rotten to the core. Ngek! Our righteous battles against drugs and crime are fierce and relentless because we face the Devil himself. We cannot be soft or let our guards down lest we ourselves will be devoured and be defeated!

The attached photo:

There are fact-checks out on this. Can you find them and evaluate the source of the fact-check?

This process is rated a difficulty of 4 out of 5 because in addition to finding a fact-check you will have to verify the legitimacy of the fact-checker, which is a filipino publication. Depending on the path you take you may also have to use Google Translate to read a non-English page (in fact, if you want to read the page that is the original source of the photo, you will have to).

If you are up for the challenge:

  • Locate a fact-check of the claim
  • Evaluate the fact-checker
  • Find a link to the original source of the photo, and state its original context