Source-verifying an image

Difficulty: 1 (of 5)
Skills: Image verification, choosing a “fact-checking” site.
Move(s): Find previous/trusted work.

So, spoiler alert: the following sign is fake. However, many people have posted it online as “proof” that former President Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

This is a simple task: we are just asking you to find a known and respected fact-checking site that shows what this sign looked like before it was altered.


In the comments, put:

  • Where the unmodified sign is from and what it said before
  • A link to the fact-checking website you used to verify the image
  • What steps/searches/actions you used to get to the site you chose

If you are doing this in class, keep a copy of what you write in a local file for discussion in a couple of minutes. Your submitted answer will be seen by the site administrator and used to improve assignments, but not be publicly posted on the website.

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